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Think I'll opt for a stainless hx then. The boiler being replaced is at least ten years old and I'd hope the next one lasts longer rather than shorter. Now that latent heat's being extracted from the flue gas and most boilers are modulating I'd say there's not much further to go efficiency-wise so longevity is something to aim for. Thanks Jim

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Stainless steel, fire tube heat exchanger 5 to 1 turndown ratio Advanced modulating gas condensing boiler; up to 95% AFUE Built-in 2 gallon indirect stainless steel tank Equipped with highly innovative gas leak detector 3.2 GPM flow rate @ 77º rise Combi-boiler Specifications Gas Input Ranges. Minimum/Maximum Natural Gas Rate Input BTUs (Space

The case for stainless steel domestic water heaters

Mar 21, 2017 · Heat exchangers made of regular steel or copper have a harder time standing up to this flue gas condensate for long. Stainless steel is a great material choice due to its high corrosion resistance and flexibility, which gives it the ability to be formed into intricate heat exchanger shapes.

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A lesser known brand in the best condensing boiler space, ATAG is a Dutch manufacturer making some rumblings in the UK with their high efficiency boilers with a unique stainless steel heat exchanger. Their primary heat exchanger condenses twice, which is why they can achieve a high energy efficiency figure of 94% and above.

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Saturn Oil Boiler Condensing NHC Range 100% Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger. Energy efficient solutions for central heating and domestic hot water. Saturn Heating Systems have been making a real difference with heating professionals since 1978.


Stainless steel heat exchanger tube specification size and production standard. The size of the heat exchanger is mainly based on the medium flow rate, flow rate and so on, for the gas, more stringent requirements, because the gas into the shell side can easily cause vibration, need to adjust the size of the nozzle to control the flow rate.


stainless steel heat exchanger, designed to extract maximum heat from the combustion process, along with the Apex Boiler Control System which is designed to enhance boiler and system efficiency and provide easy installation and servicing. These intelligent features are wrapped in a sleek, modern appliance-like jacket,

Helix VX Vertical Laser Tube Wall Hung Stainless Steel

Helix VX Vertical Laser Tube Wall Hung Stainless Steel Modulating Condensing Boiler Helix VX The Dunkirk Helix VX gas-fired, wall hung modulating condensing boiler is recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® 2019.

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The Combi Boiler features a stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger for higher efficiency and a ceramic fiber burner for high combustion and low NOx emissions. The Combi offers several safety features including a dual stage anti-freezing mechanism and a gas leak detector that turns off the unit and turns on an alarm in the case of a leak.

Should I Replace My Heat Exchanger or Buy a New Furnace?

If you’ve just discovered that it’d be more cost effective to completely replace your furnace versus just replacing the heat exchanger, you’re probably thinking, “Great. Well, the cost to install a gas furnace in the Denver area typically costs anywhere from $4,500 to $12,000.

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Aug 13, 2018 · How much energy the heat exchanger extracts from the flue gas is referred to as the boiler’s Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating, and is often times described as an efficiency percentage. For example, a 30-year old boiler might be 70% efficient, meaning that for every dollar you spend on gas, 30 cents of heat escapes through

Benefits of Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

benefits of stainless steel heat exchangers Careful consideration of the heat exchanger material can have a significant impact on the overall running costs. Furthermore, commissioning should not be a one-off activity and should instead take a holistic approach over many years in order to optimise efficiencies.

Vitocrossal 300 CA3B Gas Condensing Boiler

Vitocrossal 300 CA3B commercial gas-fired condensing boiler with Inox-Lamellar heat exchanger surface made of high-grade stainless steel. Rated input: 2500 to 6000 MBH.

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Not just another stainless steel boiler. Reliability: heat exchanger and entire burner assembly is made of 316L stainless steel. Comfort: providing comfortable heating with or without indirect domestic hot water tank from a small studio unit up to commercial cascade applications. Ease of Installation: automatic control unit for gas-fired

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Aug 23, 2011 · Hi. I am replacing a very old boiler, and have pretty much decided on either a Vaillant ecoTEC plus 418 or a Worcester Greenstar 18Ri. From the specs I see that the Worcester has an aluminium heat exchanger and the Vaillant has stainless steel.

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However, the contractors that we have called for estimates say that we should get another cast iron boiler with efficiency of 80% and a life expectency of 30+ years instead of a stainless steel or aluminum high efficiency boiler because those last only 10-12 years and cost at least $3,000 more.

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Feb 23, 2018 · have decided a stainless steel exchanger is what i want in boiler, as it seems to be when you buy breakdown cover some places exclude heat exchanger i know baxi platinum is , awaiting installer list from ATAG but unsure they will be too new for back up support in my area,

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• Field-proven, stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger • Advanced Sage2.3 boiler control provides “out-of-the-box” high performance and easy setup – Ergonomically angled touch screen display simplifies installation, operation, and diagnostics – Easily connects to optional Sage Zone Controls for additional energy savings,

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Condensing Gas Boiler Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger. Up to 95% AFUE – high efficiency and low emissions! Factory pre-set, advanced Sage2.2 Boiler Control and LCD display reduce installation time and provides EASY, “out-of-the-box” setup and high efficiency from initial startup.

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For a new gas boiler system, one contractor has proposed a Bosch Greenstar while another has suggested Baxi or HTP. The Greenstar has an aluminum heat exchanger and the Baxi/HTP contractor recommends stainless steel only. The Bosch contractor has stated that the aluminum block will outlast steel or stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger - durability?

"The proven RPJ® (Rigid Press Joint) stainless steel heat exchanger is designed to move more heat to the outside surface for increased heat transfer. The weld-free interlocking clamshell design reduces cracking or separating over the life of the gas furnace. Stainless steel construction adds durability and resists corrosion"

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The heat exchanger is a stainless steel tankless model with compact dimensions of 22” x 34” x 14.5” and weighs only 63 Lbs., this system uses natural gas and is for indoor construction only. The maximum Hot Water Flow Rate is set at 7.5 GPM 28.4 l/min, and you have an energy factor of 0.9.

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6 Secondary heat exchanger Extracts even more heat from the combustion process and is made of corrosion-resistant 29-4C stainless steel. 7 Heavy steel insulated heat exchanger cabinet Durable, quiet design holds more heat in the furnace to better warm your home. 8 Multi-port in-shot burners Perfectly shape the flame cone to maximize

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A gas furnace’s efficiency rating can primarily be determined by two factors: its AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), which indicates what percentage of each dollar of natural gas purchased is actually used to heat your home; and the type of blower used in the furnace.

Furnace Heat Exchanger Life Expectancy & Warranty Periods

Furnace heat exchangers transfer heat from the burning fuel (typically LP gas, natural gas, or heating oil) into building air. In most designs combustion gases pass from the combustion source (oil or gas flame and combustion chamber) through the heat exchanger's interior tubing to an exhaust point

Boiler Heat Exchanger: Aluminum vs Cast Iron vs Stainless Steel

Pros: Stainless steel is the only material of the three that can be used in condensing boilers. These boilers capture additional heat by condensing the moisture in exhaust gases to be ultra-efficient. The problem is that flu gas condensate is very acidic and quickly destroys cast iron and aluminum heat exchangers.

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Aluminized steel is cheaper than stainless steel. The stainless steel is stronger. It is more durable than aluminized steel. In respect to rusting, stainless steel does not rust. Aluminized steel can get corroded if the aluminum coat gets broken or overheated. Stainless steel heat chambers usually come with longer warranties.

Should I specify Stainless steel heat exchanger, if so which make

Stainless steel heat exchanger every time, All modern boiler are condensing this means that condensate runs through the heat exchanger and is then taken away via a plastic pipe, you have to use plastic as condensate is mildy acedic meaning that it will attack metal, it will start to dissolve aluminium form the first day that the boiler is switched on, stainless steel is much more able to combat the action of condensate, also you will get "galvanic" action within a central heating system this

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Nov 16, 2017 · Side Arm Heat Exchanger 25″ Single Wall Stainless Steel 3/4″ NPT 1″ 13,500Btu/hr . 13.5kBTU CAPACITY FOR 27 GALLON WATER TANK: At 13,500 Btu/hr, this product will help heat the water in a 27gal. tank.

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For example, if you own a swimming pool and plan on going swimming on an autumn day, a water heater with a copper heat exchanger can get your pool ready for you much faster. With a stainless steel heat exchanger, in contrast, you could find yourself waiting up to 72 hours before your pool is heated to 10 degrees Celcius.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

As gas fired condensing boilers remain a key part of any retrofit project, ensuring the installation remains highly efficient for its lifetime is the new priority. Installing units with stainless steel heat exchangers can act as a silent insurance policy for both the boiler plant (and specifier) – allowing it to operate with the peace of mind that it should last for its designed operating life.

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Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger The 316L stainless steel heat exchanger, is a water-tube design with no welds on the water side of the heat exchanger. This feature, combined with a 5:1 turndown pre-mix burner, allows the SSB boilers to achieve an AFUE rating of 96%.

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Fueled with either Natural Gas or Propane this Rinnai condensing gas boiler has obtained 1 of the highest AFUEs (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) in the industry. Plus, the compact wall-mounted design saves space over traditional boilers. i120SN condensing gas boiler heat-only model offers the comfort of whole home heating

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Made from galvanized or stainless steel 304/316, thick PU foam insulation, steel jacket, and electrostatic paint. DETAILS . Central Heating Hot Water Tank. Equipped with up to three U tube extractable heat exchangers to be connected with boiler and solar collectors. Made from galvanized or stainless steel 304/316, vertical or horizontal type

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The cooling requires the use of a special gas boiler heat exchanger – a stainless steel one, as the steel won’t corrode, being in contact with the condensed gases. In a conventional model, the fuel is burned and hot gases that are produced are passed through a heat exchanger.

Vitocrossal 300 CT3 Gas Condensing Boiler

Vitocrossal 300 CA3. Gas-fired condensing boiler with Inox-Lamellar heat exchanger surface of high-grade stainless steel. Rated input: 3500 to 6000 MBH. For apartment buildings, commercial applications and district heating, new buildings and retrofits.

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With a stainless steel heat exchanger, in contrast, you could find yourself waiting up to 72 hours before your pool is heated to 10 degrees Celcius. But even if you don’t have a need to heat things quickly, the higher thermal conductivity offered by copper equates to higher efficiency.

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Furnace heat exchanger life: In this article we discuss residential forced warm air furnace heat exchanger life in more detail, explaining the factors that impact the life of the heat exchanger, things you should do to maximize the life of the furnace heat exchanger, and similarly, things you should not do because they are likely to destroy your furnace before its time.

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ASME Certification Boiler Flue Gas Cooler For Power Plant Carbon/Stainless Steel Product Description The mechanism of a refrigeration system, a type of heat exchanger, that converts gases or vapors into liquids and transfers heat from the pipe to the air near the pipe in a rapid manner.The condenser is an exothermic process, so the temperature of the condenser is higher.